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Knit Christmas Gloves

I was invited by the yarn webshop Eddna to participate in their annual project “Julvanten” (Christmas Mittens). I hadn’t done any fair isle projects in a while, so this seemed like a really fun project to get involved with.


The yarn

I chose the colors Julefrid (A deep red color and an undyed natural gray). From Svensk Ull 4 tr 100 gr. 100% wool. You can buy the yarn here:  Eddna shop

I recently bought a yarn winder and wooden yarn umbrella, these came in handy now, I quickly made some nice balls of wool.


I knitted the first mitten with a circular needle and the second with 4 knitting needles. The free pattern was well explained how to do certain stitches, and there is even a video available as extra help.
Stitches used are: Fisherman’s rib (Fisherman’s rib) and Latvian braid.


There is even a special Facebook group about the Julvanten. Here the participants share their work and tips, if you have a question, if you encounter a problem, the fellow members will help you quickly.
I saw one of the participants give the tip that you can work with a dominant color. For example, if you want to see the gray color clearly in your work, you should hold it in your left hand while knitting. The gray wire goes at the bottom and the red wire goes at the top.


I saw that the technique with the dominate yarn also made a difference with the knitting needles I used. With the circular knitting needles the red yarn is more dominant and with the 4 knitting needles and the same technique – the gray yarn is more dominant.

Today is first Christmas Day (in the Netherlands we have 2 Christmas days) and I am almost done with the second glove. It’s a really fun project and will be a nice Christmas memory.

You can find the free pattern on the Eddna site: Julvanten 2023 The pattern is available in multiple languages.


Every year on the second Christmas Day, a Christmas walk is organized in Sint Nicolaasga. This year I participated for the first time, the route went through the churches, the forest and along the way we came across beautiful shows. Midwinter horn blowers from Epe, a real sheep herder. Along the way you could buy chocolate milk with cookies and snert with a sandwich. We also encountered 2 Christmas angels and a Santa Claus on a jet ski on the forest pond.


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