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Unveiling My Handmade Crochet Poncho Collection

Greetings, crochet enthusiasts! Join me on a colorful journey, where yarn and hooks intertwine with passion. From cozy blankets to graceful shawls, each stitch tells a tale of creativity. Today, let’s explore the vibrant world of my handmade crochet poncho collection.
Hooded Poncho
The most popular poncho in my collection is undeniably the Hooded Poncho pattern. Its cozy design not only provides warmth but adds an extra touch of style with a hood, making it a cherished favorite among crochet enthusiasts. Join me as we unravel the details and charm of this beloved creation. Pattern Hooded poncho
Hooded kids poncho
Adding an extra sprinkle of joy to my collection, I’ve crafted a delightful version of the Hooded Poncho specifically for the little ones. This adorable design mirrors the warmth and style of its adult counterpart, ensuring the coziness of childhood adventures. Let’s explore the miniature magic and charm of this kid-friendly hooded poncho pattern together! Pattern Hooded poncho kids

Milia poncho

Introducing another gem in my collection—the Milia Poncho. This popular model boasts a beautiful stitch texture that adds elegance and character to its design. Join me in uncovering the intricate details and the charming allure that make the Milia Poncho a beloved favorite among crochet enthusiasts. Poncho Milia – crochet pattern


Tricolore Poncho

Dive into the world of style with the Tricolor Hooded Poncho—a chic addition to my creations. Despite using a simple stitch, the magic lies in the vibrant trio of colors that elevate its elegance. Join me in exploring the effortless sophistication and playful charm of this stylish tricolor hooded poncho pattern. Crochet pattern Tricolore poncho

Cowl poncho
Elevating comfort and simplicity, the Poncho with Cowl in my collection is crafted using a double thread and an easy stitch. This combination not only enhances warmth but also ensures a cozy and quick project for all skill levels. Join me in discovering the snug allure and effortless style of this double-threaded, easy-stitch poncho with a charming cowl. Pattern Poncho with cowl

Unicorn poncho

Exciting news for our little ones and beyond! The upcoming Kids Poncho pattern is a versatile delight, available in 10 sizes catering from newborns to adults. Unleash your creativity by incorporating 8 different colors, and watch as the vibrant hues come together to create a captivating rainbow effect. Get ready to embark on a colorful journey, stitching joy and warmth for all ages! Pattern Unicorn poncho


Granny Autumn Poncho

Adding a touch of granny-chic to my collection, I present the Hooded Granny Poncho, available in 8 sizes ranging from newborn to approximately 10 years old. This timeless and cozy design combines the charm of granny stitches with the practicality of a hood, making it perfect for a wide age range. Join me as we explore the nostalgic warmth and versatility of this delightful hooded granny poncho pattern. Pattern Granny Poncho Autumn


Arc Poncho

Introducing the Arc Poncho, a mesmerizing creation in my repertoire. Despite its intricate appearance, this poncho is designed with simplicity in mind, utilizing basic stitches such as chain, double crochet, and single crochet. The pattern, enriched with a helpful chart, ensures a smooth and enjoyable crocheting experience. Join me in unraveling the beauty of this delightful arc poncho, where elegance meets ease. Pattern Arc poncho


Ibiza Poncho Crochet Pattern 

Create your own cozy poncho with this easy-to-follow crochet pattern. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, the step-by-step instructions make it accessible for all skill levels. The pattern includes detailed photos to guide you through each stitch. Pattern Ibiza Boho poncho


Poncho Herbstlaune

My next poncho, adorned in the warm hues of autumn leaves, sounds enchanting. Adding a special touch with crochet cables brings a cozy and stylish element to the design. You can imagine the texture and visual appeal it must have. I’m sure this autumn-inspired creation will become a favorite for those chilly days. Happy crocheting!


Boho Poncho

The Boho Poncho is a captivating blend of creativity and style! Crafted by assembling four large granny squares seamlessly, this design offers a unique and visually stunning composition. The addition of frills at the ends for that Ibiza look brings an extra touch of charm and bohemian flair.  You can recreate this chic and playful poncho for yourself. If you have photos, I’d love to see your Boho Poncho masterpiece! Pattern Boho Poncho


Granny Poncho

In the realm of vibrant granny ponchos, this colorful creation! While a written pattern may be absent, fear not, as I’ve captured the magic in a detailed video tutorial available on YouTube. This dynamic visual guide allows fellow crafters to follow along seamlessly, ensuring they can recreate the burst of colors and granny square charm in their own rendition. The video is a wonderful way to share the crochet process and invite others to join in the colorful crochet adventure. Feel free to check out the tutorial for a firsthand look at crafting this lively granny poncho! link to YouTube video

Video tutorial hooded poncho 

I’ve made another video tutorial, and this time, it’s all about creating a charming crochet hooded poncho. This delightful project is perfect for little ones, catering to sizes approximately 1-5 years. For those looking to adjust the size, simply add more rows to customize accordingly. In the tutorial, I’ll guide you step by step through the process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable crochet experience. Grab your yarn, hook, and join me in crafting this adorable hooded poncho for the little ones in your life!

Festival Poncho

Exciting news! The final poncho in my collection is a vibrant and easy-to-make creation. In an effort to share the joy of crafting, I’ve created a step-by-step YouTube tutorial. With a burst of colors and simplicity in mind, this poncho project is perfect for those seeking an enjoyable and visually appealing crochet experience. Join me on YouTube, where I’ll guide you through the process, making it accessible for crafters of all skill levels. Let’s dive into the world of color and creativity together!

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