Crochet pattern Mandala “Axis Mundi”


Wall art: Crochet pattern Mandala in ring


Step into a world of bohemian charm with our latest creation – the Handcrafted Crochet Mandala in Wooden Hoop. This exquisite piece of art seamlessly blends intricate crochet work with the rustic appeal of a wooden hoop, resulting in a stunning decor item that adds warmth and character to any space.

Mandala is famously known as a spiritual and ritual symbol in many Asian cultures.

Difficulty level: advanced crocheters

Language: English (US terms) & Dutch

Pattern: written supplemented with foto’s


Yarn: 300 gram Macrame cord 1,5 mm 

For Example: 

Durable macrame 

Bobbiny Baby Macrame 

Hobby Trend – Cotton Macrame

Crochethook 5 of 6 mm (Depending on what you like crocheting)

Wooden hoop 60 cm / 24 inch


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