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Good knitting needles

What are the best knitting needles?

The best knitting needles have a liquid silk finish and have a smooth cord that never twists.

What types of knitting needles are there?

There are straight knitting needles and circular knitting needles.

What do you use straight needles for?

Straight needles are suitable if, for example, you want to knit a sweater, in parts that you will later sew together.

What do you use circular knitting needles for?

Circular knitting needles are suitable for the popular “top-down” sweaters, but also socks, sleeves – you can also knit straight (back and forth) on circular knitting needles. If you have a needle set, you can easily change the needles to a larger or smaller needle – or a larger cable.


Which knitting needles do I recommend?

I recommend the Lanternmoon Handcrafted knitting needle set

What kind of knitting needles for beginners?

Don’t start with the cheap knitting needles, they make knitting extra difficult. First try to borrow a few good needles from a friend.

What material knitting needles?

You have needles made of metal, bamboo, wood or ebony – Lanternmoon’s needles are made of Ebony, not too sharp and not too smooth so that the stitches do not slip off the needle – but just right.


Which needles for knitting socks?

For socks you can use 4 short sock needles (double point), circular knitting needles or, for example, Addi CrasyTrio.

What thickness knitting needles?

Each wool label and pattern states which thickness of knitting needle you need. The size is printed on the knitting needles – you also have a handy gauge to check which one


What is the easiest to knit?

The easiest way is to start knitting a scarf in garter stitch (knit all stitches).

Can you knit with more than 1 thread to get a chunky effect?

Yes, for example, you can knit with 4 threads of Royal and a 15 mm knitting needle – this is how I knitted the Skylge cardigan to get a nice coarse look. The vest is therefore ready much faster. Link to the pattern: Knit pattern gilet ‘Skylge’


The Lanternmoon Heirloom set

This set contains 10 needle sizes & 3 nylon coated stainless steel kink-free cords.

Lantern Moon’s interchangeable circular knitting needles are made of Ebony wood, one of the world’s most valuable materials. The liquid silk finish of these lightweight interchangeable circular needles and the 24K finish on the brass connector, guarantees snag-free knitting. The interchangeable circular needle’s smooth cord never twists thanks to a swivel connector, and it lies flat for easy storage.  Smoothly honed and shaped needle tips work well with all yarns.

You can find all sets on the site: Lanternmoon


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