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Knit pattern Bernadette cardigan


I made my own version of the famous Bernadette cardigan. The cardigan is knitted with 2 strands, a combination of a thick yarn with a strand of mohair yarn.

Yarn suitable for knitting needle 8: approx. 400 grams (700 meters)
Mohair yarn suitable for knitting needle 4: approx. 200 grams (700 meters)

Knitting needles 8 mm and 12 mm
Circular knitting needles 8 mm and 12 mm

You need to know the basics of knitting, knit, purl, increase and decrease

Knit the sleeves with a circular needle, if you find this difficult, you can also knit them on straight needles and then sew them (you will see a seam) make sure to sew the sleeves in the front and back with the seam down.



You can buy the pattern in my shop: Pattern Bernadette

It’s available in de language: English, German and Dutch.

As you might see in the picture, the neckline runs like a v-neckline

knit bernadette

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