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New inspiration:

Crochet the Taylor Swift dress

The crocheted Taylor Swift dress suddenly appeared on all Facebook pages that deal with crocheting. She recently wore this dress while going out in London. (I also love the shoes 🤩)

The original dress is, of course, sold out everywhere, it was also not extremely expensive: € 116 – If you know that a ticket for a Taylor Swift concert already costs € 500, and people just stand in line for 3 hours to buy “swiftie merchandise” …Amazing!


The yarn

What I like most is seeing young girls and also mothers wearing the dress. Today I looked in my wool stash to make such a nice dress. I have the most stock of Royal wool from Zeeman, in actually all colors. I picked out a soft salmon pink, lilac, brown and white ball of yarn. Best part, the yarn only cost € 1,29 per ball of 200 Gram. This is Acrylic Yarn suitable for crochet hook 4.5 mm.


Since this is a cold and wet summer in the Netherlands, I will make the dress with long sleeves. But not as short as the original, I don’t have the nice toned legs to show off.

Let’s get started, I’m curious how long it will take me… I also recently crocheted a sleeveless top in the granny stitch. I worked on this for about a week.


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